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EiTESAL eGrow Service

 1.What is eGrow
eGrow is EiTESAL's latest service designed to propel small and medium enterprises (SMEs) towards greater success and expansion. By conducting comprehensive man-agement evaluations, eGrow offers a personalized strategy that matches the unique needs of each firm. A custom package of EiTESAL services will then be created to help the members’ business advance, The main objective of this program ultimately aims to:
Elevate the status of the companies, enabling them to achieve growth in a designat-ed direction and within a predetermined timeline.

2.eGrow definition
eGrow is a growth catalyst program.
eGrow is the integration of different EiTESAL services under one umbrella, delivered to the memberbased on pre-assessment & gap analysis.

3.Why join eGrow ?
If your company struggles to define challenges, competitors, or goals, eGrow is the so-lution. Whether you aim to increase revenues, enhance export readiness, develop new products, explore fresh business opportunities, or expand your workforce, eGrow provides the strategic framework and support needed for success.

4.The program Framework/phases:

The program is carried out in three phases:
Phase 1: Assessment phase

  • Set an interview with companies that registered in the program to make sure that will align with EiTESAL services / criteria.
  • Management assessment & GAP analysis.
  • Agree the company’s goals from the program, Consequently Define the com-pany needs from EiTESAL services" consultations, trainings, export.”
  • Set an action plan according to needs assessment and Gap analysis reports & KPIs for implementation phase.
The main deliverables from these phases are:
  • Full capability model for the organization.
  • Gap analysis report.
  • Diagnostic report.
  • Recommendations for the next phase, including areas of development.

Phase 2: Implementation
  • Select the proper services providers.
  • Secure Funds for their needed services (training, consultations, awareness ses-sions, export) according to the EiTESAL funding policy.
  • EiTESAL will be the main supervisor in all stages of implementation.
  • Follow up the plan in its timeframe.

Phase 3: Post Implementation
  • Make assessment for participating companies after 3 months to assess the im-pact of the growth catalyst program.
5.EiTESAL's Role: Empowering Your Growth
EiTESAL is committed to supporting the growth of its members:
  • Fund the program up to 40% based on company category at each phase/contract.
  • Our qualified consultants are ready to assist.
  • Closely monitor each phase to ensure alignment with the program's action plan.

6.Participating in the Program: Steps to Success
EiTESAL is primarily concerned that you are sincere about joining the program and reaping its rewards, Here's a step-by-step guide to participation:
  1. Register: Start by signing up for the program.
  2. Membership: Ensure active EiTESAL membership for 2024.
  3. Application: Submit your details to receive a tailored proposal.
  4. Review Proposal: Evaluate and approve the proposal within two days.
  5. Contract and Kickoff: Finalize the contract after approval and payment. We'll then schedule a kickoff meeting with our consultant.
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