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EiTESAL has two types of members. One is a corporate membership. and the second is individual membership.
Corporate membership has two classes Active Members, and Associate Members. Each shall have its rights and privileges, subject to stated limitations stated in the bylaw’s articles (16 & 17), respectively.

Membership Eligibility
Corporate Membership

A. Active Membership

A corporate may be accepted as an active member if it meets the following criteria:
The company activity field shall be any of the following:

B. Associate Membership

An associate member must meet the following criteria:

Membership Rights & Privileges:

A. Active Membership Rights and Privileges.

B. Associate Membership Rights and Privileges.

Individual Membership
This is for any individual interested in joining the Association who is a professional in ICT and has an academic degree.

Honorary Membership
This is presented to a person who is deemed by the board of directors to have made notable contributions, promoted the interests of the Association, or had an outstanding contribution to the Egyptian ICT industry.

Admission Procedure
Any ICT association wishing to join the Association as a member shall file its application for membership with the Managing Director. The Board of Directors shall, after reviewing the application and giving due consideration to the recommendations of the Managing Director, decide whether the membership application should be accepted. Admission to membership will be in effect upon the applicant’s payment of dues and assessments prorated over the balance of the calendar year.

Membership Fees and Annual subscription
The bylaws state that the annual subscription payment shall be paid before December 31st . A member shall be deemed in good standing and eligible to enjoy all membership benefits only if it has timely paid its dues. Any Member who has not paid their dues or assessments by December 31st will lose his membership. Such member not in Good Standing shall automatically be re-instated (as a Member in Good Standing) upon payment of all delinquent dues and assessments.

Active & Associate Members     CategoryMembership feesAnnual Subscription
Multinational corporates15,00012,000
Large companies
Revenues > EGP50 million
Medium companies
Revenues EGP10- 50 million
Small companies
Revenues 1- 10 million
3,000 2,400
Ultra-small companies
Revenues <1 million
1,500 1,000


  • Age <3 years
  • Number <10
  • Revenues < 1 million
Individuals 2,0001,500
Honorary  Free