EITESAL Services

EITESAL spares no effort to serve the members through different wrap. Networking app or tunities, capacity building programs, and developing business cooperatives. Services are delivered tolerated to the needs of every member.


Believing in the export as the scape goat for the industry to face the difficulties in the local economy, EiTESAL launched a program to support the export of Egyptian products to the international market.


A Customized consultation program providing your company with Management & Technical consultation services through a wide network of highly professional consult-ants. eCounsult – Your Partner To Success!

Foreign Trade Mission

Trade mission is an international trip organized by EITESAL for purpose of attending international world conferences.....

EiTESAL Talent Development

ETD Concept: ETD programs are designed to support the long-term sustainable growth of ICTE industry in Egypt. So EiTESAL actively engages with key training players & international certification institutions to develop industry-relevant talents and to increase the competitive edge of national workforce to meet global market needs.