Membership Benefits

ICTE Insights

Access to Daily ICTE Industry News
service (daily online coverage of the ICTE
news in the press on EITESAL Portal)

Access to EITESAL information library including
industry useful presentations, blogs, discussions,
and articles

Opportunity to engage with EITESAL community
and share case studies, experiences, and/or
transformational stories

Using EITESAL information services for
market studies and industry


Chance to use EITESAL premium members’ database to find service provider, partners, customers, or peer within the community. (EITESAL Premium Directory includes high profile ICTE member companies such as Teletech, Act, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, Cisco, Google, Vodafone, Mobinil, Fujitsu, Raya, Summit, Telecom Egypt, and much more. EITESAL Premium Directory works on increasing awareness to End-users and other Vertical Sectors as: Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Hospitality, Governmental Projects… etc. and creating Channels of Communication between both parties).

Get found and known within EITESAL premium members’ database (The Directory will provide your business with Great Exposure across the major ICTE entities and ministries; MCIT, ITIDA, NTRA, SECC, & the Ministry of Administrative Development)

Chance to share or learn best practices through EITESAL networking events and gathering (EITESAL organizes Networking and IT Awareness Events. In addition to Governorates IT Awareness events such as Alexandria, Mansoura, Sohag, and Assuit)

International Trade Support

Members can participate in global networking and build business at high tech global events, through delegations, and road shows with the help and support of EITESAL (EITESAL promotes exports of its members through various projects and events. For example: June 2011, EITESAL organized the Canada Country Day in collaboration with ITIDA and the Canadian Embassy.)

EITESAL supports an ongoing mission in KSA by assisting members companies to work in the Saudi Arabian Market and support their travel in order to meet Saudi companies and start matchmaking

Receive information regularly about policy updates in different countries through divisional work for much more focused and targeted insights

Learn about trends and opportunities in different markets through EITESAL information services


Increase visibility through features
and interviews on EITESAL Portal, as well
as EITESAL news alerts

Speak, sponsor, or participate at EITESAL events to
boost awareness (EITESAL subsides IT exhibitions and
conferences such as Project Management Conference &
Exhibition, petrotech, Cairo ICT, and much more)

Chance to contribute to blogs and newsletters as
thought leaders within EITESAL community
and ICTE at large

Brand building through EITESAL
awards and recognitions

Your Voice

Be represented among regulators and
governmental bodies of Egypt on issues that
influence ICTE and EITESAL member
companies at a national level.

Share and gain insights on current
regulations and how they are relevant
to your business

Start-ups Support

Help start-up companies address their key challenges through the close work of related divisions

Coach and support startups through various programs and projects such as investment readiness and Ebny project

Provide best practices for start-ups and emerging organizations through various divisional and EITESAL community activities

Start-ups Support

Participate in EITESAL training programs geared to members’ need as advised by related members’ divisions and enjoy a 60% discount.

Share your experience with your community through EITESAL portal and round table events

Attend workshops and development programs through EITESAL yearly events calendar

Access recruitment and talent spotting services to enrich your talent mix

Building your Business

Get support and advice through EITESAL CPS program (The CPS project is approved and funded by ITIDA and is designed to help small and medium sized member companies to grow profitably by providing them with a subsidized professional services in the areas of HR, Finance, Legal and Marketing. EITESAL subsidizes the small (up to10 employees), Medium (from 25 -50 employee) sized member companies participating in the CPS project utsing any of the listed services. EITESAL selects best service providers in each field with best prices. EITESAL supports 80% of service cost with a set maximum subsidiary level per company depending on its size. Services offering and implementation is monitored by EITESAL to ensure the commitment of the concerned parties, EITESAL policy re-enforcement, and service quality level.

EITESAL Divisional Work

Attend and participate in a divisional related to your business.

Get division based insight and discussions. (EITESAL have 6 Technical Divisions: Software Development, Telecommunications, Electronics, System Integration, OSP ”call centers”, and Training Providers. Each division hosts monthly meetings to discuss the latest developments in the respective sector as well as plan industry events & activities.)

Membership Eligibility

Active Members

Your core business is directly related to the information, telecommunications, Electronics, Software, BPO, IT training and consultancy. Business registration in Egypt and subject to Egyptian laws & regulations

The founder and/or the management are good behaving citizens and having university degree

Associate Members

Your core business is not directly related to the ICTE industry but serving the industry.

  • Business registration in Egypt and subject to Egyptian laws & regulations
  • The founder and/or the management are good behaving citizens and having a university degree

You are an IT department in any public entity, either governmental or public organizations

Membership Fees & Types
Membership Type Classification Category Annual Subscription
Registration Fees Membership Fees
Active Membership A > 99 2000 5000
B 50 : 99 1500 4000
C 26 : 49 1000 2000
D 11:25 750 1000
E <10 500 750
Associate Membership A > 99 2000 5000
B 50 : 99 1500 4000
C 26 : 49 1000 2000
D 11 : 25 750 1000
E <10 500 750
Individual 500 750
Service /Information Centers in IT 1000 1000
Academic Professional 250 250
Honorary Free Free
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