EITESAL participated in 50th Design Automation Conference held in Austin, Texas, USA representing the electronics design industry in Egypt .

EITESAL initiated the Investment Readiness Program to qualify SME’s to be accessible to foreigh direct investment.

Mobile apps. Work group is holding several sessions to introduce new technologies to mobile apps.

EITESAL is Bizspark Microsoft partner to help software startups realize their plans, projects and ideas by giving them access to tools at very low cost and connecting them to the right resources.

EITESAL is participating in an international project to study “Reinforcement of ICT Regulations and ICTs for trackling Societal Challenges links in Europe and Mediterranean countries “ ClusMED.

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Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Software Alliance (EITESAL ) is a private sector, non-profit entity of ICTE companies, Multi-national corporations, Organizations and Institutions operating in Egypt. EITESAL is working under the Egyptian Civil Organizations law 84/2002.